PATH will help children (and adults) if any of the following is true:

  1. Is bright, but not reaching his or her potential
  2. Is reading below grade level with 20/20 eyesight
  3. Is a slow reader
  4. Skips or misreads the small words, yet is able to read the big words
  5. Mixes up b’s and d’s or reverses letters or words
  6. Has trouble pronouncing words
  7. Has trouble spelling
  8. Has trouble understanding what is being read
  9. Sees the words on the page move
  10. Loses place on the page when reading
  11. Has to reread the story several times to understand it
  12. Skips over punctuation like it is not there
  13. Skips lines or rereads same line of text
  14. Is easily distracted when reading
  15. Has trouble following instructions
  16. Has trouble writing
  17. Finds reading hard
  18. Uses a finger to guide reading
  19. Gets tired or headaches when reading
  20. Does not enjoy reading
  21. Is frustrated trying to finish reading assignments on time
  22. Is not learning successfully for child’s age and grade level
  23. Has tears, frustration, and failure during homework