PATH PRODUCTS for Therapists

Therapist product consists of all training, both initial and ongoing training, registering all patients in PATH neurotraining web-app so can see their data, and a computer program that has 96 sessions of the PATH to Reading program. We recommend doing 96 sessions of PATH training (two sessions 2-3 times a week for 16-24 weeks) combined with a reading practice exercise, which is provided at no cost. Each session takes 5-10 minutes. We do more than provide just this program. We can provide you with additional sessions so that you can do brain tune-ups to reinforce what your patient learns, in addition to being able to see your patients data even if they do the PATH neurotraining at home.

PATH to Reading is available as a web-app that works using the Google Chrome Browser on Macintosh, Windows, and Chromebook computers. It will soon be available on iPads and tablets.

To learn Why people with Reading and Attention problems Benefit from PATH neurotraining: Click Here

To learn Why people with Concussions Benefit from PATH neurotraining: Click Here

Watch this short video to learn how to administer PATH to Reading to your patients so that reading, paying attention, and remembering are no longer difficult.

Therapists Package is for administering PATH to clients, patients and students.

The therapist needs to complete the PATH training with staff at Perception Dynamics Institute (PDI) to learn how to administer PATH, which is included in the package.

The therapist package includes all features provided for individual users, and

1) Detailed descriptions in a training video for both therapist and students explaining how different levels of complexity are generated and how to interpret the summary and data files.

2) All training needed to provide an in-depth understanding about how PATH works and how to administer PATH for maximum benefits, as well as how to use the Reading Speed and Digit Memory Programs. This training will be provided for the clinician and their staff.

3) Access to all your patient (student) data to see an ongoing analysis of their motion sensitivity as progress through each complexity level of PATH neurotraining for each program: Motion (one direction of movement) and MotionMemory (two directions of movement).

4) Substantial discounts for additional patients.

5) PowerPoint Presentation slides of the neuroscience behind why and how PATH neurotraining improves brain pathways so that reading challenged individuals rapidly become typical readers: Neuroscience Behind PATH Reading Improvements

6) Publications of the effectiveness of PATH research that were published in leading scientific journals: See Publications

                                 Therapists Package   Costs $1500

Please contact Perception Dynamics Institute if you want to be a therapist.

After you’ve ordered, you will receive one-hour of training to become a licensed therapist who will be able to train your patients how to administer the cognitive therapy program. This training includes both initial and ongoing training, so new staff hired after the initial training can be trained as well. You will also be added as a therapist in the PATHtoReading web-app, having access to all your patients data.

Frequently Asked Questions by Therapists who Administer PATH Neurotraining

I do hope that you decide to purchase this breakthrough technology to offer rapid and effective cognitive remediation provided by using PATH therapy. You will be heavily rewarded when you see the results, especially since it is true that: I CAN SUCCEED ONLY IF I READ AND REMEMBER.

PATH Neurotraining Web-App

Tools for Administering Digit Memory Program:
Video to Test Digit Memory (Instructions on Web-App Dashboard)

and Answer Key: Digit Memory Answer Key