Use PATH (Perception Attention Therapy) neurotraining to help you and your child focus and learn more easily in virtual school. We highly recommend you begin each day of the school’s curriculum with 5-10 minutes of PATH neurotraining. Just go to After creating an account for a free week, just log in!

If you begin your child’s lesson plan with PATH training, then
– Each day’s lessons are easier, more enjoyable, and more productive.
– Being focused on the task, understanding what is being read, multitasking and remembering are also much easier.

Any inquiries into how to use PATH neurotraining can be found online at or if you are a therapist and would like to see how to use PATH training visit

If you are interested in the research behind PATH training, please go to: If you have any further questions about how to use PATH neurotraining or you would like to purchase PATH therapy please give us a call at 310-903-6009 or send us an email at