PATH PRODUCTS for Individual Use

Watch this short video to learn how the PATH to Reading works so your child no longer struggles with reading, paying attention, and remembering.

Individual Package includes the PATH to Reading neurotraining (two programs) which is a web-based app that works on all computers: Macintosh, Windows, and Chrome Books, and has training videos to instruct the individual how to use the PATH neurotraining program. After you’ve ordered PATH neurotraining, you will be provided with training videos on the right side of the dashboard, so you are trained by following simple and easy to follow instructions. One-on-one training is also available at a cost of $200/hour.

PATH for individual use is a web-app to be used for one person. We recommend doing PATH training combined with a reading practice exercise. Each session takes 10 minutes and when  done 6 times per week is completed in 16 weeks. There are two programs, Motion and MotionMemory, each with 24 levels of complexity, to slowly increase the difficulty of the task, activating progressively higher levels of brain processing. We do more than provide just this program. We can provide you with additional sessions so that you can do brain tune-ups to reinforce what you learn, by ordering more PATH sessions or using the monthly subscription which costs only $265/month.

Path to Reading/Insight (PATH) works rapidly to improve a wide range of reading, attention, memory, and multitasking skills. We recommend using 96 sessions initially (one session 6 times a week for 16 weeks).

To learn Why people with Reading and Attention problems Benefit from PATH neurotraining: Click Here

To learn Why people with Concussions Benefit from PATH neurotraining: Click Here

PDI is offering a free week (the first 7 sessions) of PATH. Simply click here to fill out a form to send required information of user. After sending PDI this information and you have been enrolled in PATH neurotraining, Click here for free week. To log into the app, enter in your email address and password. Once you see the dashboard, click on the first training video: Learn How to Administer PATH training.

Monthly Subscription

Unlimited use of PATH neurotraining for one month that is renewed automatically until email at is received discontinuing your monthly subscription.

You are provided with 30 sessions of PATH neurotraining each month.

Cost is $265/month for the first four months, reduced to $200/month thereafter.

Individual Product

Provides 96 sessions to complete two programs:

1) Motion (one direction of movement)

2) MotionMemory (two directions of movement)

Each with 24 levels of complexity for a total of 48 complexity levels.

We are offering a special summer discount of $650 for the next 4 weeks only. After August the cost is $1995.

You have one year to use the 96 sessions.

Please contact PDI if you wish to set up a 3-month payment plan.

Frequently Asked Questions by Parents of Students who Struggle with Reading and Attention

I do hope that you decide to purchase this breakthrough technology for cognitive remediation provided by using PATH therapy. You will be heavily rewarded when you see the results, especially since it is true that: I CAN SUCCEED ONLY IF I READ AND REMEMBER.

If you need a scholarship to be able to purchase PATH neurotraining after August, please send documentation confirming financial need, age of person, and cognitive skills that need to be improved by going to Contact page or emailing We offer scholarships to those in need.

If you wish to find a licensed therapist from whom you can purchase PATH therapy, click here to send an email to Perception Dynamics Institute.

Learn more about how PATH to Reading improves reading, attention and memory.