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PATH To Reading (PATH: Perception Attention Therapy) is a patented break-through technology that dramatically and permanently improves reading, attention, and memory skills in children and adults. This includes reading grade level, fluency, comprehension, spelling, and pronunciation. The more PATH therapy is used, the more reading skills improve.

PATH therapy has been designed as a computer-based program that improves learning ability, processing speed, and attention span in school, enhances the desire to read, raises self-esteem and significantly improves general behavior.

PATH To Reading was developed by Dr. Teri Lawton, a neurobiologist who has studied visual perception for over 45 years to help children read more easily. Learn more about Dr. Lawton and PATH to Reading.

Studies show PATH therapy to be a rapid and effective means for treating children and adults with a wide spectrum of cognitive difficulties, from ordinary poor reading to Dyslexia, Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD and ADHD), Autism, Schizophrenia, Speech and Language problems, Concussions, and Stress.

PATH therapy has been proven to be a rapid and effective means for treating older adults who have slowing mental agility, including trouble with navigation, attention, memory, sequential processing, figure-ground discrimination, field of view, and/or speed of processing.

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Last night I did the reading rate and motion graphs programs with Addie. After our first PATH session, we did her homework. We were all shocked! It went so smoothly, with a smile, and it appeared to be with little effort! It took us 30 minutes the night before just to get through 4 spelling words (with much effort and poor results.) Last night we were able to do all 12 words (with ease, accuracy, and focus) as well as finish all of her math homework in less than 25 minutes. She was so happy and her confidence surged. I am amazed at how transformative PATH can be in just one session! We are so excited to see how PATH will continue to help Addie with her struggles and build her confidence. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

We are deeply grateful for your efforts and applaud you on getting this information out to the general public through your website and program. You can be certain that I will spread the word.

Kim Macri, Ramsey, New Jersey

We initially implemented the Path to Reading as a part of our RTI program [for 3rd to 7th grade students] and found incredible success. Many students who had received numerous interventions with limited reward found almost immediate and substantial success with Path to Reading. After about 6-8 weeks, most of the students had gained substantially, many of whom reach grade level equivalency during that period of time.
Dr. Cy Cole, Great Valley Academy, Modesto, CA.

What I’ve noticed the most about Darcy’s improvement in reading is the ease with which she is now able to read the words on the page, and as a result is developing a better understanding of what she is reading. Her teacher has noticed that she has no problem with memorizing and understanding, whereas last year [4th grade] this was a big problem especially memorizing fractions.

Sheila McCarthy, Ojai CA

I have improved over 10-fold in my cognitive processing skills, including multi-tasking, focusing attention, memory, and sequential processing after a severe Traumatic Brain Injury [at 58 years old].

Tim Tanney, Fresno CA