PATH To Reading/Insight (PATH: Perception Attention Therapy) removes mental roadblocks to reading and learning.  PATH is a patented break-through, immersive software brain-training program that benefits adults and children 5 and older and adults of all ages.

  • PATH dramatically and permanently improves your reading, comprehension, attention span, learning, and memory skills by speeding up your brain.
  • PATH improves reading speed up to 11-times faster and learning 1-7 grade levels, in addition to attention and memory improving up to 50%-90%.*
  • The more you use PATH, the more reading, attention, and memory skills improve permanently.
  • PATH raises your self-esteem and improves your behavior.

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Watch this movie to see how PATH to Reading/Insight works.
How PATH Training Works

I do hope that you decide to purchase this breakthrough technology for cognitive remediation provided by using PATH therapy. You will be heavily rewarded when you see the results, especially since it’s true that: I CAN SUCCEED ONLY IF I READ AND REMEMBER.

Here I describe how PATH neurotraining improves reading, attention, and memory when other methods have not been successful and the underlying neuroscience that explains these improvements. 


Last night I did the reading rate and motion graphs programs with Addie. After our first PATH session, we did her homework. We were all shocked! It went so smoothly, with a smile, and it appeared to be with little effort! It took us 30 minutes the night before just to get through 4 spelling words (with much effort and poor results.) Last night we were able to do all 12 words (with ease, accuracy, and focus) as well as finish all of her math homework in less than 25 minutes. She was so happy and her confidence surged. I am amazed at how transformative PATH can be in just one session! We are so excited to see how PATH will continue to help Addie with her struggles and build her confidence.

We are so deeply grateful for your special, smart, ground-breaking program. We have tried EVERYTHING up until now, and nothing seemed to work. You truly have made a difference in Addie’s life. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Kim Macri, Ramsey, New Jersey

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Footnote: *Individual results may vary.