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Early Childhood Parenting Institute (ECPI)

ECPI is the tax-exempt, non-profit Research and Development and Educational arm of Perception Dynamics Institute (PDI).

Our mission is to:
1. Conduct research on the neural basis of visual perception and learning as they relate to reading,
2. Embody these and other research results from neurobiology in prototype tools to remediate reading problems,
3. Conduct the necessary controlled clinical validation and comparison studies to assess their effectiveness,
4. Help make PDI reading remediation products available to schools,

And thereby improve the quality of life.

ECPI offers PDI reading remediation tools, including PATH to Reading software and training, at substantial discounts to teachers and schools, and, in very difficult situations, can aid in securing the necessary funding. ECPI can also underwrite the cost in some cases when the remediation regimen is administered as part of a clinical validation study.

Reading remediation is a critical issue in this information age since, according to the (National Assessment of Educational Progress (2007) *), 67% of fourth grade students across the nation do not read proficiently.

For Donors:

As in computer circuits, research has found that correct timing between the brain’s neural pathways is essential for the brain to function properly. If timing is off, thought and perception can be disorganized, as is often the case in situations varying from traumatic brain injury to dyslexia. An example of this in dyslexia is delayed signaling between the ‘where’ pathway (where letters are in the visual field) pathway to the ‘what’ pathway (letter recognition), which causes difficulty in reading, paying attention, and remembering. Most estimates of the prevalence of reading problems in the U.S. range from 10 to 80%, often with diagnoses of dyslexia or reading below proficiency. The basic business of ECPI has been to research and develop a rapid and effective non-invassive brain therapy to remediate attention, reading, multitasking, and remembering in both children and adults by abating brain timing deficits. PATH to Reading (PATH) therapy is a patented breakthrough technology that dramatically and permanently improves reading, attention, and memory, watch the video below to view how and why PATH works so rapidly.

Training on the product, PATH, is beneficial for individuals of all ages. The product is especially helpful for the developmentally disabled child or adult, the typically developing child from 5-9 years old, adults more than 40 years old, anyone with traumatic brain injuries, including those with sports injuries, such as concussions, as well. PATH therapy is a proven regimen, effective in improving reading, paying attention, remembering, understanding, analyzing, and interpreting new information. Research has found that if 10 minutes of PATH to Reading training is done twice a week immediately before language arts and guided reading, students find significant improvements in their literacy, and the ability to write down their ideas. PATH training is used to speed up students’ cognitive functioning and ease of learning.

In order to provide PATH training worldwide, we need to take this brain exercise from the single-user CD-based version to distribute it and monitor PATH training over the internet. The software platform needs to be expanded so that PATH training can be delivered over the internet, a national database created, with client billing and notification of updates, and social media forum(s) launched. PATH training will prevent brain slow-down that normally occurs in stressful situations, or with age, in addition to helping those with developmental disorders like dyslexia, or injuries resulting in traumatic or mild brain concussions. Once the PATH training is delivered over the internet, the more money that is donated, the more students we can help, significantly reducing school costs for ensuring literacy, freeing up funds to be used for the arts and sciences.

Please donate money to ECPI so that we can help as many students as possible worldwide, so that reading, paying attention, and remembering can be done effortlessly.

Reading proficiency is essential for a successful, productive life. Since there have been major cutbacks in education at both the state and federal levels, only with the help of socially-conscious donors like yourself, is there the possibility of introducing new, innovative classroom programs to help children, especially those with reading deficits, improve their reading skills.

If you see the deep social value of education for our quality of life, and would like to help improve childrens’ reading fluency, it’s easy for you to help!

A donation will help ECPI make the PDI Path to Reading program available to schools.

The cost per classroom of 20 students is $7,000, including major (50%) discounts on both training and the cost of PATH to Reading software.

If you would like to help one or more classrooms of elementary school children improve their reading skills, click on the donate button below.

You can also send an email to Dr. Teri Lawton with a subject line of PATH: I want to help! In your message, please include:

1) Your name, address, phone number, and preferred email address
2) How many classrooms you would like to fund, and
3) What you would like your gift allocated to:
a. Special education or mainstream classrooms,
b. Particular geographical locations
c. Particular schools or classrooms,
d. No preference,
e. Other.

ECPI will contact you.
Thank you very much for your interest in this vital effort! As a valued donor, at the conclusion of the program you will receive a handsome certificate commemorating your gift, a thank-you note from each child, as well as information describing how much your childrens’ reading skills improved as a result of the training you provided.

For Teachers:
If you have students who are not proficient in reading despite all your best efforts, lack the resources to acquire innovative programs to improve their reading skills, and need help,
Please send an email to Dr. Teri Lawton with a subject line of PATH: Please Help!

In your message, please provide:
1. Your name, address, and phone number, preferred email address
2. The name and address of your school,
3. The grade being taught,
4. The number of students in your classroom,
5. The type of classroom, e.g. mainstream or special education,
6. The type of computers available in your classroom, i.e. Macintosh or Windows-based, and
7. The level of need, meaning how critically your students need reading remediation
8. A brief description of the situation in your school relative to acquiring reading intervention programs, e.g. inadequate funding, administrative roadblocks, or other factors.

Thanks and warmest regards. ECPI will contact you.

*website: http://nces.ed.gov/nationsreportcard/reading/