Why Use PATH Neurotraining ?

This is one of the most important decisions you can make for your health and wellness. You'll notice your confidence increase rapidly.  You'll be able to be proud of how quickly learning improves. PATH training (pathtoreading.com) uses the most cutting-edge tools to help you reach your full potential quickly and effectively. Today is the perfect [...]

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Are you or your children struggling with virtual learning?

Use PATH (Perception Attention Therapy) neurotraining to help you and your child focus and learn more easily in virtual school. We highly recommend you begin each day of the school’s curriculum with 5-10 minutes of PATH neurotraining. Just go to app.pathtoreading.com. After creating an account for a free week, just log in! If you begin [...]

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Free week of PATH Neurotraining

Local newspapers including the La Jolla Light, the Del Mar Times, Carmel Valley News, Solana Beach Sun, and Encinitas Advocate published How PATH neurotraining, a unique method that speeds up the brain, helps both children and adults read, pay attention, and remember better. Contact info@pathtoreading.com OR call 310-903-6009 or go to our website: pathtoreading.com/demos-reseach/ to [...]

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Remediate cognitive slowdown to improve reading and attention

Local workshops aim to help children with reading and attention By Brittany Woolsey MARCH 5, 2019, 1:10 PM A Solana Beach neuroscientist is aiming to help children read better by using a unique method she developed decades ago. Dr. Teri Lawton will present two local workshops for her PATH training this month, where parents can [...]

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Help your child learn more easily

Does your child have trouble reading or paying attention? You are invited to a workshop to experience the fastest way to improve your child’s reading, attention span, and memory retention. At this workshop you will learn how using PATH neurotraining speeds up your child’s brain so your child is more excited about reading. This is [...]

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Why PATH Training Benefits Students

Why Every Child Benefits from Being Trained on PATH To Reading (PATH): PATH prevents reading and learning problems, eliminating the need for Special Needs classes. Learning problems are caused when a child’s brain is not working as efficiently as it could be. Groundbreaking training on PATH To Reading can change this rapidly and effectively! What [...]

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PATH Therapy Helps Children and Adults

In addition to remediating children’s reading difficulties, studies show PATH therapy to be a rapid and effective means for treating older adults who have slowing mental agility: trouble with navigation, attention, memory, sequential processing, figure-ground discrimination, field of view, and/or speed of processing.

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