How PATH to Insight Improves Cognitive Processing


  • Older Adults and those with Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI) have sluggish motion cells that do not properly signal the pattern-sensitive cells, causing difficulty in isolating and identifying critical elements needed for cognitive processing.
  • They thereby lack the ability to focus attention, quickly and accurately process sequential information, and remember their train of thoughts.
  • Fuzzy thinking is the end result.


  • PATH neurotraining speeds up the brain’s neural pathways at both early and high levels of processing.
  • Helps both adults and children learn to read, pay attention and remember more easily.
  • Patented PATH neurotraining quickly and effectively makes this cognitive slow-down subside. See recent study: (have them click on Lawton and Huang (2019) article).
  • Less cognitive effort is spent decoding incoming information, and more effort can be devoted to interpreting the information, thereby significantly improving multi-tasking and other cognitive skills.
  • There is no comparable therapy to improve cognitive processing for older adults and TBI patients.
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