I wanted to take a few moments to share my appreciation for Path to Reading and my gratitude for your contribution to my students' success. 
We initially implemented the Path to Reading as a part of our RTI program and found incredible success.  Many students who had received numerous interventions with limited reward found almost immediate and substantial success with Path to Reading.  After about 6-8 weeks, most of the students had gained substantially, many of whom reach grade level equivalency during that period of time.
We didn't stop there, though.  We had many students who were working successfully at grade level, but we saw them working too hard and figured they had greater potential, so we had them do Path to Reading as well.  The results were astonishing.  These students' academic performances, and subsequent confidence and excitement about learning, skyrocketed.
As Chief Academic Officer of a school dedicated to the premise of creating gifted learners, we found Path to Reading an invaluable tool.
Dr. Cy Cole, Great Valley Academy, Modesto, CA.
Great Valley Academy

PATH therapy has proven to be more than ten times faster than other therapies, and can be administered to an entire class of students in the computer lab, unlike most other therapies.

By practicing the PATH Therapy for only 3 months, (4 to 6 ten minute sessions per week), your child’s reading skills will improve 1 to 3 grade levels and reading speed will become 200-400% faster.

“After only 1-2 months working with Dr. Lawton, a remarkable difference was noticed in Kyle's ability to read. With PATH therapy, Kyle has not only improved his spelling and writing skills, but we also have seen a dramatic improvement in his willingness to pick up a book, and understand what he has read."
Kerrie Vargas, Oak View, CA

"It is so nice to see Darcy go into another room and sit down with a book, and enjoy reading. Before she started the therapy with you, her frustration with reading and all her school work was overwhelming and she constantly needed help to complete her homework. The most heart wrenching moment for me was when she told me she was stupid. I want you to know that after two months of visual exercise training with you, she has earned all A’s and one B, and now she knows she is very bright, like her twin sister who has not had any problems reading. What I've noticed the most about her improvement in reading is the ease with which she is now able to read the words on the page, and as a result is developing a better understanding of what she is reading. Darcy has also noticed that learning math is now much easier. It seems like her memory is better. Her teacher has noticed that she has no problem with memorizing and understanding, whereas last year [in 4th grade] this was a big problem especially memorizing fractions. I want to thank you so much for all of your time and energy in helping Darcy learn to read more easily.”
Sheila McCarthy, Ojai CA

"I saw a 3rd grader that was reading at a 4th grade level who was brought to me because his eyes would tire after just a little reading time.  He was a Convergence Insufficiency (CI) kid so I put him in Path for about 3 months.  He now has no CI and is reading at an 11th grade level.  So, I am convinced it is one of the greatest tools in education."
Dr. Eldon Rosenow, Director Great Valley Academy, Modesto, CA.