If you would like to know more about PATH to Reading,
please email Dr. Teri Lawton at

Perception Dynamics Institute
PATH to Reading

Telephone: (310) 903-6009
P.O. Box 231305, Encinitas, CA 92023-1305

Dr. Teri Lawton founded Perception Dynamics Institute (PDI) to help children read more easily after curing Dyslexia in her own children, using the neurobiological techniques that form the basis of the PATH to Reading therapy.

We offer:

  1. Vision therapy (2 half-hour sessions twice a week for 12 weeks, or longer if desired) in optometry offices and learning centers in the Los Angeles and San Diego area.
  2. Schedule training sessions for administering the PATH therapy at home, in school, or at local optometry vision therapy centers.
  3. Reading tutoring in the San Diego area.
    To find out how you can purchase PATH to Reading through a licensed therapist in your area, please email Dr. Lawton.

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